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Spanish Court Hotel Jamaica Wedding: Kennesha & Davian

I had the pleasure of photographing Kennesha & Davian’s wedding.  They exchanged vows at UWI Chapel, Kingston with the support of close family members and friends.

Kennesha & Davian, thank you for having allowed me to share in such a lovely wedding day! From start to end, it embodied your care, devotion, and dedication to each other and also to those around you. I wish you many years of happiness together.

Spanish Court Hotel (Getting ready)

Mona Visitors Lodge (Reception)

Assistant Photographer- Jamie Barnett

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Laughing Waters, Jamaica Wedding: Peetra + Tom

I had the pleasure of capturing Peetra and Tom’s wedding at the picturesque Laughing Waters in St.Ann, Jamaica. They could not have chosen a better location for their wedding, with a breathtaking view of the caribbean sea. Peetra and Tom, I wish you all the happiness on your journey together.

Bride dress designer: Enzoani

Bridesmaids Dress: Louise Graham

Decorator: New Levels Decor

Caterer: Coley’s Island

Assistant Photographer: Jamie Barnett

Makeup: Paul March

Wedding Planner: Angie Hammond


Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 1Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 2Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 3Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 4Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 5Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 6Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 7Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 8Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 9Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 10Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 11Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 12Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 13Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 14Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 15Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 16Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 17Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 18Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 19Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 20Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 21Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 22Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 23Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 24Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 25Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 27Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 28Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 29Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 30Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 31Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 32Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 33Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 34Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 35Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 36Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 37Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 38Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 40Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 41Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 42Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 43Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 44Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 45Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 46Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 47Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 48Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 49Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 50Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 51Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 52Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 53Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 54 1Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 54Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 55Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 56Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 57Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 58Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 59Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 60Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 61Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 62Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 63Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 64Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 65Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 66Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 67Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 68Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 69Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 70Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 71Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 72Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 73Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 74Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 75Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 76Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 77Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 78Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 79Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 80Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 81Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 82Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 83Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 84Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 85Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 86Laughing waters, Jamaica Wedding 87

Iberostar Rose Hall Suites Wedding

The Iberostar Resort Rosehall was the perfect setting for Tonya and Khomari’s romantic outdoor wedding.  It was so easy to capture the love between this amazing couple and the joy they shared with family members and friends. It was altogether a beautiful wedding experience. Thank you guys for affording me this great opportunity. May your union be forever blessed.

Makeup: Chasity Artistry Rashel Edwards & Antoinette Bailey

Assistant Photographer: Jamie Barnett

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Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 1Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 2Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 3Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 4Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 5Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 6Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 7Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 8Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 9Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 10Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 11Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 12Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 13Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 14Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 15Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 16Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 17Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 18Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 19Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 20Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 21Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 22Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 23Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 24Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 25Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 26 1Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 26 2Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 26 3Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 26Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 27Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 28Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 29Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 30Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 32 1Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 32Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 33Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 34Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 35 1Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 35Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 36Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 37Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 38Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 39Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 40Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 41Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 42Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 43Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 44Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 45Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 46Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 47Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 48Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 49Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 50Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 51Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 52Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 53Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 54Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 55Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 56 1Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 56Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 57Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 58Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 59Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 60Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 61Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 62Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 63Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 64Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 65Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 66Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 67Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 68Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 69Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 70Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 71Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 72Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 73Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 74Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 75Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 76Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 77Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 78Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 79Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 80Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 81Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 82Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 83Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 84Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 85Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 86Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 87Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 88Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 89Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 90Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 91Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 93Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 94Iberostar Jamaica, Wedding 95

Tonya Rapley - Dean, It was so fantastic working with you on our wedding. You captured our special day perfectly and with professionalism. From the very beginning you felt more like family. We love our photos so much. Thank you.April 13, 2016 – 2:17 pm

Brenda Leighton - Fabulous pictures. Holding for future reference for my daughters. We live in Miami but it seems like “No whe no better dan yard” for a destination Wedding!April 12, 2016 – 6:42 pm

Hope Gardens Wedding

Ted and Melissa exchanged vows at the St.Peter and Paul Church, and I have to say that they could not have chosen a more beautiful day to do so. They were surrounded by so much love and support from their friends and family.

The reception that followed was held in the sunken gardens at Hope Gardens. On entering the reception venue, I was greeted by lots of gorgeous decor, lighting and great music which really set the mood for such a wonderful evening.

Ted and Melissa, your wedding was awesome and I appreciate your kind consideration in allowing me to document your first day as husband and wife. I wish you both a lifetime of joy and happiness. Much love and appreciation.

Getting Ready Location: Spanish Court Hotel

Makeup: Loni Jones

Assistant Photographer: Jamie Barnett

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Hope Gardens WeddingMelissa & Ted, Wedding 2 1Melissa & Ted, Wedding 2Melissa & Ted, Wedding 3Melissa & Ted, Wedding 4Melissa & Ted, Wedding 5Melissa & Ted, Wedding 6Melissa & Ted, Wedding 7Melissa & Ted, Wedding 8 1Melissa & Ted, Wedding 8Melissa & Ted, Wedding 9Melissa & Ted, Wedding 10Melissa & Ted, Wedding 11Melissa & Ted, Wedding 12Melissa & Ted, Wedding 13Melissa & Ted, Wedding 14Melissa & Ted, Wedding 15Melissa & Ted, Wedding 16Melissa & Ted, Wedding 17Melissa & Ted, Wedding 18Melissa & Ted, Wedding 19Melissa & Ted, Wedding 20Melissa & Ted, Wedding 21Melissa & Ted, Wedding 22Melissa & Ted, Wedding 23 1Melissa & Ted, Wedding 23Melissa & Ted, Wedding 24Melissa & Ted, Wedding 25Melissa & Ted, Wedding 26Melissa & Ted, Wedding 27Melissa & Ted, Wedding 29Melissa & Ted, Wedding 30Melissa & Ted, Wedding 31Melissa & Ted, Wedding 32Melissa & Ted, Wedding 33Melissa & Ted, Wedding 34Melissa & Ted, Wedding 35Melissa & Ted, Wedding 36Melissa & Ted, Wedding 37Melissa & Ted, Wedding 38Melissa & Ted, Wedding 39Melissa & Ted, Wedding 40Melissa & Ted, Wedding 41Melissa & Ted, Wedding 42Melissa & Ted, Wedding 43Melissa & Ted, Wedding 44Melissa & Ted, Wedding 45Melissa & Ted, Wedding 46Melissa & Ted, Wedding 47 1Melissa & Ted, Wedding 47Melissa & Ted, Wedding 48Melissa & Ted, Wedding 49Melissa & Ted, Wedding 50 1Melissa & Ted, Wedding 50 2Melissa & Ted, Wedding 50 3Melissa & Ted, Wedding 50 4Melissa & Ted, Wedding 50Melissa & Ted, Wedding 51Melissa & Ted, Wedding 52Melissa & Ted, Wedding 53Melissa & Ted, Wedding 54Melissa & Ted, Wedding 55Melissa & Ted, Wedding 56Melissa & Ted, Wedding 57Melissa & Ted, Wedding 58Melissa & Ted, Wedding 59Melissa & Ted, Wedding 60Melissa & Ted, Wedding 61Melissa & Ted, Wedding 62Melissa & Ted, Wedding 63Melissa & Ted, Wedding 64Melissa & Ted, Wedding 65Melissa & Ted, Wedding 66Melissa & Ted, Wedding 67Melissa & Ted, Wedding 68Melissa & Ted, Wedding 69Melissa & Ted, Wedding 70Melissa & Ted, Wedding 71Melissa & Ted, Wedding 72Melissa & Ted, Wedding 73Melissa & Ted, Wedding 74Melissa & Ted, Wedding 75Melissa & Ted, Wedding 76Melissa & Ted, Wedding 77Melissa & Ted, Wedding 78Melissa & Ted, Wedding 79Melissa & Ted, Wedding 80Melissa & Ted, Wedding 81Melissa & Ted, Wedding 82Melissa & Ted, Wedding 83Melissa & Ted, Wedding 84Melissa & Ted, Wedding 85Melissa & Ted, Wedding 86Melissa & Ted, Wedding 87Melissa & Ted, Wedding 88Melissa & Ted, Wedding 89Melissa & Ted, Wedding 90Melissa & Ted, Wedding 91Melissa & Ted, Wedding 92